Part 10: What is Mindfulness?

April 19, 2021 | Written by COVE Admin


Mindfulness is the state of being totally and completely aware and present in the current moment. To us at COVE, it means reflecting and accepting, as well as staying centered and grounded in current sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Mindfulness requires an increased awareness and non judgemental perspective. In other words, mindfulness is just being.


At COVE, we see mindfulness as physical manifestations such as yoga, meditation, or mindful eating, as well as emotional manifestations such as checking in with ourselves and others or knowing when to let things go. We also think of mindfulness in a broader sense of caring for ourselves and giving ourselves what we need. More specifically, we have utilized mindfulness in restructuring our organization and purpose. We have taken time to mindfully observe the effects of our self-care blog on our audience. By utilizing mindfulness, we, as an organization, have decided to take a break from the blog and reflect on our blog’s direction. As a thank you and a temporary goodbye, we have included an exercise that we hope will help you practice mindfulness today or any other day. We hope that this blog has been helpful in helping you learn more about self-care, and we look forward to coming back and providing you with more educational content!

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