Part 5: What Do COVE's Core Values Mean to Us?

January , 2021 | Written by COVE Admin


As the first month of the new year comes to a close, we wanted to share how we’ll be applying COVE’s core values to our own 2021 goals and resolutions! At COVE, our philosophy is grounded on five main principles:

1. Culture of Care

We focus not only on the business side of things, but also on cultivating an environment in which relationships are just as much of a priority.

2. Innovation:

We strive to evolve with the needs of the community, encouraging the application of existing values, while also creating new values.

3. Democracy:

We believe teaching goes both ways, so we value individual voices; through this collaboration COVE is able to make progressive strides.

4. Anti-bias & Anti-racist (ABAR):

We celebrate individuality and diversity, in order to build a dynamic community where different backgrounds are recognized and reflected in agendas.

5. Commitment to Equity:

We utilize access points to encourage students to critically think and hold themselves accountable.


To celebrate new beginnings, we asked members of the COVE community to share what their aspirations are for 2021. In what ways do COVE’s core values connect with these aspirations? Maybe our ambitions will encourage you to think about how your personal values tie into your own goals!

Weekly Journal Prompt:

What are three things you want to manifest for yourself in 2021?

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