Frequently Asked Questions

What is this initiative about?

We are a public service organization, created by students that supports communities-in-need coordinating student-tutor matching. This volunteer-driven program offers remote online instruction in traditional K-12 subjects by matching students with experts in their requested topic areas. More information is provided on our Home page.

I submitted a tutor request form. When will I hear back?

You will hear back within a week! An introductory email will be sent out to you and the tutor you're matched with. From there, you two can discuss a schedule that works for both sides!

What support will I receive as a volunteer tutor?

As a volunteer tutor, you will be supported with professional development workshops, personalized pedagogical/curricular support, monthly check-ins from a liasion on our end, and a cohort of peers with whom you can exchange ideas and support!

My schedule changed and I can no longer volunteer. What are my next steps?

Thank you so much for your time! You can email us at info@coveducators.org with the subject line "I'm no longer available" to let us know.

I would like to request a new tutor. Who do I reach out to?

You can email us at info@coveducators.org with the subject line "Request Tutor Rematch" and we will help you to rematch.

As an organization committed to care, equity and justice we value your feedback and care deeply about the impact of our programs and community interactions.

If you have any concerns or complaints, please let us know by filling out COVE Concerns form!

We want to hear from you!